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    Practice, Practice, Practice your Sight Words
    Flashcards - See how quickly your child can name the sight words that are on the flash cards.  Spend extra time reviewing words that may be difficult for your child.
    Create Sentences - Use the sight words to make up a sentence out loud and then write.
    Play Erase a Word - Write down a list of sight words on a whiteboard.  If your child is able to correctly read the word, they can erase it.  Make sure you praise your child if they are able to read the sight words correctly.
    Word Cheers - Find fun and exciting ways to spell sight words.  The students learn a variety of sight word cheers during the school year in order to help them spell the sight words correctly.
    Sight Word Hunt - Students can be sight word detectives and see if they can find sight words while looking at books or in a variety of other fun places or use old magazines to find sight words and highlight them with a yellow highlighter.