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ELA - 6th Grade Learning Support Reading and English

  • Welcome to 6th Grade!

    2nd and 3rd Period ELA (Reading and English)

    Materials: Wonder Notebook, pencil


     Field Day T Shirts: Order Here  Deadline to order is May 4th


    Monday 4/23 - Friday 4/27

    4/23 - CW: intro to Wonder.   Read chapters 1 and 2   HW:  complete vocab pink sheet - only what you THINK they mean, not the actual definition.  

    4/24 - CW: review vocab workds for first half of part 1.   Test on vocab words (8) Friday  Vocab Half Part 1 review

    4/25 - CW: read up to page 9; discussion HW: make a quizlet using the first 8 vocab terms (use the link above to find the definitions) 

    4/26 - Take your kid to work day. No HW

    4/27 - Read  to page 14.   Moved vocab quiz until Monday.   HW: quizlet if not done yet (use vocab link above for defintions or your Wonder binder)


    Monday 4/30 - Friday 5/4

    4/30 - no homework

    5/1 - read up to page 18.   CW: #wonderquotes due by Friday HW: write a summary  (7-10 sentences) from what we have read so far.  Remember a summary is not retelling the story, but talking about the big idea, or gist, of the story so far.

    5/2 - CW read 19-23 / finish #oftheweek by Friday HW: read 24-34 / make sure first half of part one vocab is completed

    5/3  CW: webquest acitivty HW: finish webquest if not completed in class   webquest link

    5/4 VOCAB quiz! 

    ***make sure your quizlet is completed. Vocab Quiz moved to Friday May 4th


    Monday 5/4 - Friday 5/11

    5/7: Read to page 48       Reading HW: finish text structure packet (given 15 minutes to complete in class)

    5/8: Read 49-56  and write down one sign post you have found so far.  Answer the anchor questions going along with it. Use this to guide you:  Signpost and Anchor Questions 

    5/9: HW: Vocab - complete a quizlet for the Second Half of Part 1 (8 words) due Thursday   Vocab for Part 1 or use the powerpoint link above for definitions

    5/10: CW: Answer 2 comp questions  No homework

    5/11: CW: Read pages 57-67: try to find one or 2 sign posts

             Reading: Text Structure test Monday


    Monday 5/14 - Friday 5/18  ***Make sure you are up to page 92 by Monday/Tuesday ***


    5/15: Study Test Structre 

    5/16: Text Structure Test


    5/18: Read to pg 92 in class


    Monday 5/21 - Friday 5/25

    5/21: Field Trip - read to 92 if not caught up

    5/22: HW: Complete 2 comp questions:2nd half part 1 comp questions WS 

             CW: Complete quizlet for Part 2: Via (should have been done in class)   part 1 and 2 vocab   Read up to page 103

    5/23:  Vocab Quiz 

    5/24: check in on reading part 2 quiz/vocab quiz

    5/25: FIELD DAY



    5/29: Read 118-131  HW: comp questions for part 2 - Part 2 Comprehension Questions

    5/30: HW: (whatever was not finished in class) Finish reading part 3, pink sheet vocab and quizlet part 3  PDF: All Definitions


    For video response for Summer:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUHDxBaOi3Q