• What's new in B-8


    Week on November 6-10

    This week we have a 3 day week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), throughout this week we will be discussing "What is Election Day" and holding a mini election in our class about various topics. We will also be discussing Veterans Day, students will be given the opportunity to research information about Veterans Day and use that information to answer a Google Classroom prompt.  In math this week we are beginning Chapter 3, Subtraction up to 1000.  Please have your child practice their math facts for both addition and subtraction throughout the week. In reading we will be working with our Superkids to discuss plurals, and adding -ed and -ing endings to our words. Our spelling list for this week is below, please have your child make flashcards.We will be having our Spelling Test THURSDAY 11/9.  In our small reading groups we are reading "Frog and Toad" we will be discussing the vocabulary within the text and what makes a loyal friend.  We are currently working on our personal narratives in writing, and will continue to add to them as we begin to draft our final copy. This week in Social Studies we are beginning to talk about our Community, and what is a Community, students will be given the opportunity to draw/create their community.   


    *Conferences start on Wednesday 11/8!


    Week of November 13-17

    I hope you all enjoyed your 3 day week and got to spend plenty off time "Resting and Refreshing."  This week we will be retaking our Spelling Test, as I know the kids can score better and many of them want to prove it! Please have your child review their spelling words every night, make practicing fun by turning it in to a game. The spelling words will be from the list "first, third, thirst, turn".  We are taking our Fact Fluency Test this week, please have your child practice their facts, mental math is an important part in our learning.  The quicker a child can recall their facts the easier the material will be over time.  As we prepare for our district assessment, we are going to clean up and polish our Personal Narratives.  Students will be working together to revise and edit one another writing as well as their own. 

    As many of you may have heard my birthday is Monday, November 21 and your child has probably come home several times telling you "I gave them off for the week of my birthday".  It has been an ongoing trend this month as we counted down to my birthday and to make it more interesting I told them I would give us off for the entire week to follow (no one realized it was Thanksgiving Break). This was just a fun game/joke between the students and I.  Don't forget conferences are the 15th and 17th, see everyone there!


    Week of November 20-24

    Wow, what a week! One day in and we are done, today we focused our activities around Thanksgiving and family.  For our writing assignment students were asked "How do you make a Turkey?" the responses were hillarious and as you will see in their writing some of us got creative with how they thought it should be done.  Just a reminder school is closed Tuesday 11/21-Friday 11/24 ande will resume on Monday 11/27.


    Week of November 27 - December 1

    After a quick Thanksgiving break we are getting right back into our routines.  This week we will be taking our District Writing Assessment, Fact Fluency Test as well as our spelling.  The spelling words will be a little trickier this week so please have your child practice and complete their spelling notebook nightly.  Keep up your reading, we are on our way to moving up in 100 Book Challenge and I am very happy with the progress we have been making. Subtraction within 1,000 this week we are moving on with regrouping and without, keep practicing your facts and this chapter will come easily.