• Middle School Math Placement
    6th Grade Accelerated Pre-Algebra
    In 5th Grade, all students will be given the opportunity to try and qualify for the 6th grade Pre-Algebra class.  The following pieces of data will be collected to determine if your child will be selected for the 6th grade class:
    • 4th Grade PSSA score
    • Average of 1st - 3rd marking period grades for TESTS/QUIZZES only
    • At least an 80% on the Pre-Algebra Inventory test given in early May*
    • Winter CDT overall score
    *Parents will be notified approximately two weeks prior to the administration of the Pre-Algebra Inventory test.
     Once all the data has been collected, decisions will be made.  Parents will be notified in  June if your child has been selected.
    Please keep in mind, the math department takes pride in placing your child in the class that will most benefit them.  Should your child not be placed in the Pre-Algebra class, they will again have the opportunity to be placed in the 8th grade Algebra 1 class based on their 7th grade performance.  
    8th Grade Algebra I
    The following criteria will be used to decide which students should advance to the Algebra I class in 8th grade:
    • 7th grade Iowa Algebra Appitude test - given in March
    • 7th grade Pre-Algebra Indicator test - given in early May
    • Average of 1st - 3rd marking period grades for TESTS/QUIZZES only
    Once all the above data is compiled, decisions will be made as to which students will be placed in the Algebra I class in 8th grade.  Letters will be sent home the end of May with the decision made for your child.