• 10 Ways

    To Motivate

    Your Teen to Read




    1. Set an example.  Let your teen catch you reading and taking enjoyment in it.
    2. Have reading materials readily available.  Keep a variety of books, newspapers, and magazines at home.
    3. Cater to your teen’s interests.  Point out articles, news stories, and books about subjects your teen is interested in.  This can include sports and entertainment sections of the newspaper.
    4. Give magazine subscriptions as gifts.  Timely magazines with lively, bite-sized articles are especially inviting to teens.  Besides, it’s fun to get mail.
    5. Share what you’ve read.  Talk about the books and other materials that you’ve found interesting and ask your teen to do the same.
    6. Be accepting.  Realize that almost anything your teen reads has value because it motivates more reading.  This includes comic and cartoon books.
    7. Browse together.  Stop at bookstores and libraries when you’re out together and make exploring their selections fun.
    8. Play audiotapes of good books when you’re in the car together.  Your teen might want to read the books later on.
    9. Interest your teen in the world.  Discuss current events, sports, music, and other subjects that might inspire your teen to read about them.
    10. Show an interest in what your teen reads.  Ask for recommendations of books you might enjoy.