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    What is the objective of Kid Writing?  

        The goal of Kid Writing is to help our young students become better writers, which will ultimately lead them to become better readers as well.  Kid Writing allows the students to write freely with little stress or pressure. The students write all the sounds they hear when writing (even sounds that may not be in the words) so they will feel confident and start to believe that they are a writer!  This approach to writing is teaching students how to write independently, be creative, and read words, all while helping them develop a enjoyment for writing at the same time.

    What is Kid Writing?

          Kid Writing is an integrated approach to writing, in which phonics instruction is a systematic, rigorous, planned, and essential part of the fuller instructional program throughout the school day.  It focuses primarily on teaching phonics in the context of a journal writing.  The systematicity of Kid Writing appears in the social interactions between teachers and children and in the attention to children's individual needs. Eileen Feldgus and Isabell Cardonick, the developers of Kid Writing, combined the ideas used with the whole language method and the "kids need phonics first method" to create Kid Writing.