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    Social Studies:Me and My World

    Social Studies Alive! by TCI
     Social Studies Alive! Me and My World explores the relationships in students' lives with their families, friends, teachers, and neighbors. Students learn that people live differently in different places and that they can help care for the world. 
    Chapter 1- Who Am I?
    Chapter 2- What Is a Family?
    Chapter 3- How Do I Get Along with Others?
    Chapter 4- How Do I Make Friends?
    Chapter 5- How Do I Solve Problems with Others?
    Chapter 6- How Can I Be a Good Helper at School?
    Chapter 7- What Is in My Neighborhood?
    Chapter 8- Where Am I in the World?
    Chapter 9- How Do People Live Around the World?
    Chapter 10- How Can I Help Take Care of the World?