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    The Alphafriends (list from Houghton Mifflin Series)
          The Kindergarten Alphafriends are letter characters that bring phonemic awareness and phonics to life.  They are used to introduce each letter of the alphabet.  Poetry books and songs are used to enhance the learning of the Alphafriends.  The Alphafriends help us remember the name, shape and sound of each letter as we learn to decode words.



    A poster of a alphabetDescription automatically generatedA – Al Alligator

    B – Benny Bear  

    C – Carla Cat                                                                        

    D – Devin Duck                                                                                          

    E - Ethel Elephant

    F – Finny Fish    

    G – Good-Guy Gopher                

    H – Hattie Horse 

    I – Iggy Inchworm  

    J – Jayden Jellyfish              

    K – Kayla Kangaroo

    L – Lamar Lobster

    M – Mika Moth   

    N - Nina Newt

    O – Ozzie Octopus            

     P – Perla Porcupine         

    Q – Queenie Quail

    R – Ravi Rhino

    S – Serena Seahorse

    T – Tyra Tiger

    U – Umbie Umbrella

    V – Vernon Vulture

    W – Will Walrus

    X - X-Ray- Fox

    Y – Yoko Yak

    Z – Ziggy Zebra