Supply List 


    Bring to all classes     5th Grade Supplies

    ~Your charged Chromebook (must come to school fully charged each day)
    ~ Take Home Folder: either a two pocket folder or an expandable folder labeled with:
    Keep at home, Return to School, SS/Sci, RELA, Math, Specials . (Whichever works best for you).
    ~Pencil case with:
    *sharpened pencils (at least 3)
    *glue sticks  
    *Colored pencils
    -~headphones or earbuds (put in a baggie to protect them) 
    ~Calculator TI-30 XIIS
    ~Black Sharpee to label items
    *These items may need replenishing throughout the year.  
    Mrs. Toth's Social Studies/Science Class
    ~Need above materials
    ~One oversized white T-shirt that we will cut and decorate as a Science labcoat

    Donations to Homeroom Teacher are appreciated any time throughout the year.

    -Disinfectant wipes or baby wipes

    -2 boxes of tissues

    -Hand Sanitizer


    *Feel free to label your items with your first and last name and Homeroom number

    ( Siefker C-1, DeCola C-2, Toth C-3, Wilmot C-4, Regan C-5, Lennon C-6, Morales C-7). 


    *Additional materials may be listed on your other teachers' websites or they'll let you know in class.

    * We will also organize your materials in class. 


    Thank you for taking the time to get these supplies. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns. We’re looking forward to a wonderful year together!