• Help Your Family Get Healthier!

    KidShape is a fun-filled eight week program designed for children ages 6-14 and their families. Group classes meet weekly for two hours. Students must be in the 85th percentile or higher for their body-mass index (BMI).

    · KidShape involves the entire family-youth, parents, and siblings.

    · KidShape’s teachers are certified professionals in nutrition, counseling, and fitness.

    Each class includes hands-on nutrition lessons and cooking demonstrations, discussions on how to change behaviors, and fun physical activities.

    Each KidShape class is divided into three 40-minute sessions:

    · The nutrition session focuses on nutritional topics to teach adults and children a healthier way to eat and lose weight.

    · During the physical activity session, children learn fun ways to become more active. Family fun is promoted each week.

    The supportive activity session enables adults and children to meet separately to discuss how to change old habits and learn new ways of supporting each other.

    KidShape is a family based incentive program that provides prizes and positive reinforcement. A registration fee of $50 for materials is required. Scholarships are available.

    For more information, please contact the KidShape program staff at St. Mary Medical Center, 215-710-4590.