• sick
    Inform the nurse if your child is diagnosed with
    a contagious illness. 
    Informing the nurse of a communicable illness allows her to alert students and staff who are considered "at risk" for certain conditions. They may need to notify their medical providers for guidance, monitoring, and/or prophylactic treatment.
    1. If your child is absent due to illness, notify the school. If you have a concern about sending your child to school, call the nurse before sending the child. This may save you a trip to school. The health office phone number is 215-809-6316.
     2. Do not send a child to school who has been vomiting during the night or in the morning before coming to school. It takes more than a few hours to recuperate from an intestinal ailment. This is best for your child and reduces the exposure to other students. NOTE: many intestinal viruses (as well as other conditions)do not have a fever as one of the symptoms.
    3. List adequate back-up contacts on the emergency cards. A sick child may feel anxious if we cannot locate a parent, relative, or friend.  The longer a child remains in the health office, the more he/she is exposed to other ailments and is exposing other students to his/her illness.
    Update emergency cards as needed throughout the year.
     3. The above rules apply if the student has a fever (100 degrees or more) or rash. If your child has a rash that resembles any of the communicable diseases, he/she will be sent home and a Dr.'s note will be required for re-admittance.
    Examples of Communicable Diseases seen in school children
    Influenza (The Flu)
    Pertussis ( whooping cough)
    Strep throat/scarlet fever
    Chicken pox