Dear Parents and Guardians:

     At this time in the school year we begin to receive many questions about the class placement of children for the next school year. The placement of students in classes involves a process that we undertake with care and specificity and it includes the active involvement of our school team including: teachers, reading specialist, guidance counselor, speech therapist, school nurse, psychologist and principal. Care is taken with the class placement of each child, and input from each member of the school team is considered.

     Parents are cautioned not to request placement or non-placement in a particular classroom. Such requests are often based on what someone may have heard about a teacher from other students’ experiences. Just as each child is unique, so is each teacher. An experience that other students may have had with a teacher may be different from what your child could have with the same teacher.

     Please review our guidelines for student class placement listed below. This information should answer your questions regarding this topic. Please know that the placement of each child in an appropriate and successful learning situation is a top priority.



    1. Consideration of all academic and social factors determines placement decisions. The final decision on each class placement rests with the principal after due consideration of staff recommendations.
    2. It is not our practice to honor a parent request for a child to have a particular teacher.
    3. Parents who wish to make a statement about a child’s academic, behavioral and social needs are invited to do so. Statements should be placed in writing to the principal.
    4. A request for a child NOT to have the same teacher that a sibling has had is usually honored. All such request must be in writing and received prior to the end of this school year. Letters of this type of request will be shared with the teacher.
    5. A request for a child NOT to have a particular teacher will be shared with the teacher. No individual response to such a request will be provided.

    Thank your for your cooperation in this matter.