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June 2012
Teacher Strike
Student and Parent FAQs

FYI:  NHS has been inundated with questions.  We will continue to call parents back over the weekend.  Also, this FAQ List will be updated daily.  Thank you for your support and patience.  


** Please call NHS at 215-809-6100 with additional questions to be added to  the list **

     What is the present Senior Final Exam Schedule without a Strike?


Senior Final Exam Schedule






May 28 – No School

Memorial Day



May 29

Senior in Class Finals Electives

May 30

Senior in Class Finals Electives


May 31

Senior in Class Finals Electives

June 1

Senior in Class Finals Electives


June 4

Senior in Class Finals

English/Social Studies


June 5

Senior in Class Finals

English/Social Studies


June 6

Senior in Class Finals



June 7

Senior in Class Finals



June 8

Senior Last Day of Classes

Make Up Exams



Will Seniors be exempt from all or some final exams?

If a strike occurs during the week of June 4, Seniors will be exempt from each Final Exam missed due to the strike.  All Seniors will walk in the Graduation Ceremony on June 13.   However, Seniors should continue preparing for Final Exams in the event there is not a strike. 


Will students get their diplomas on the night of graduation as in the past?

No.  Final Grade calculation will take place after graduation based on four marking period grades.  Diplomas will be available to be picked up from NHS during the week of June 25.  Diplomas not picked up will be mailed home. Students will receive their diploma cover during the ceremony.


      What is the Grading System without the Final Exam for Seniors?
Using each of the four marking period grades, determine the total points earned for each course.   A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0
Use the below chart to determine the Final Course Grade.



For Semester Course


For Full Year Course
































Optional Pass







What if by taking the Final Exam I could have earned a higher Course Grade?

You will have the option to take your Final Exam for any course for which you received an exemption.  Please check the Final Exam Schedule at www.neshaminy.org\nhs  for dates and times.  The dates and times will not be available until after the strike has ended and underclassmen Final Exams are rescheduled.   Also, you must call NHS at 215-809-6101 giving your name, the name of the course and the teacher for each final exam you wish to take.

I am taking the writing portion of my Senior English Final Exam during the Week of May 29 and the remainder of the Final Exam is scheduled to be given during the Week of June 4 with my other Final Exams. If there is a Strike during the second part of my English Final Exam, what will happen to the writing portion that I have already completed?

Good Question.  If you are exempt from your English Final Exam (second portion) because of a strike, the writing portion will not count either.  Your grade will be determined from your four marking period grades.  However, if you want your English (or any) Final Exam to count toward your Final Course Grade, please call 215-809-6101.  We will make arrangements for you to complete the second portion of the English Exam.

If I am exempt from my English Final Exam because of a strike, can my teacher choose to count the writing portion of the Final Exam that I took this week as part of my fourth marking period grade?


I am a Senior in an AP Course and took my ‘Final Exam’ as practice for the actual AP Exam in May; will that Final Exam count for my Final Exam Grade in the AP Course?

Yes, only Final Exams missed, in full or in part, because of a strike will be eliminated from a student’s grade calculation

Will there still be a Senior Picnic?

Absolutely.  Seniors should report to the NHS Auditorium on Friday, June 8 at 10:30 AM for a brief meeting, locker clean out and the Senior Picnic

     What is the schedule for Senior Picnic Day?

Seniors should report to the NHS Auditorium on Friday, June 8 at 10:30 AM for a brief meeting, locker clean out and the Senior Picnic.


When will Seniors get their Yearbooks?

Yearbooks were distributed on Friday, June 1 to Seniors.  Additional Yearbooks will be on sale the day of the Senior Picnic which is scheduled for Friday, June 8.   Underclassmen distribution will occur after we return to school.


What if I can’t attend on the day of the Senior Picnic?

Please stop in one day the following week to pick up your Yearbook and clean out your locker.


When will we get our Senior Prom Pictures?

The pictures just arrived.  We will attempt to get them out to Seniors via Homeroom by Friday, June 1.  If we can’t, pictures will be available to be picked up at the Senior Picnic.


When is Graduation?

Wednesday, June 13 at 6:30 PM


When is Graduation Practice

Monday, June 11 at 8:15 starting in the NHS Auditorium.  See the yellow information sheet distributed in Homeroom.



Will the above dates change because of the strike?

No.  Only inclement weather can change the date.


     Will Seniors have to return to school after Graduation?

Only if they wish to take a Final Exam to earn a higher grade.


What if Senior Final Exams are not given and a student needs the exam to pass the course?

Such students will be given the Final Exam.  We will contact each student with more specific details.



Will Seniors be held accountable for material on the Final Exam that they didn’t learn in class because of the strikes?

No.  Final Exams will be adjusted accordingly.



Will Seniors come to school during the strike?

No, except for the Senior Picnic, Locker Cleanout and Yearbook distribution on June 8 if the strike lasts that long.  Please check this webpage for an adjustment    in that date and more specific time details.



Will Seniors be scheduled to come to school as with the January Strike for something like Grad Project Completion?



Will underclassmen Final Exams be canceled?



When is the last day of school for underclassmen?

TBD.  For a tentative plan, simply push back the present last day of school (June15) one day for each strike day


When are underclassmen Final Exams?

     TBD.  Similar to the above.

What is the present underclassmen Final Exam schedule without a strike?






June 11



June 12

June 13

Science & Math

Dismissal at 11:20

June 14

English & Social St

Dismissal at 11:20



Dismissal at 11:20

What if I have a previous commitment during the adjusted final exam days in late June?

You may take your exams early or you may take your exams in July, assuming your conflict is legitimate.  Parents should call NHS at 215-809-6101 stating their son/daughter has a Final Exam conflict.  We will call you back explaining the options below. 


For additional scheduling information, see Click Here.  Please note:  Early underclassmen Final Exams must be prearranged per the instructions above.  

If I take my exams early, will I be penalized for material I missed?




Is the Senior Award’s Program still on May 30?



     Will the NHS Battle of Bands go on as scheduled on June 6?

Yes it will!


What happens if students don't come to school after June 15th?

Absences should be pre-approved and the necessary accommodations will be made. Simply not coming to school isn’t an option.  Students are accountable for missed material/assignments/tests.


Will the Freshman/Sophomore Trip to Hershey Park still happen on June 2? 



Can students access their lockers during the strike?

     Yes.  NHS will be open.


If there is a strike, will there be picketing at Graduation?

We sincerely hope not.  The NHS Commencement Ceremony is an earned rite of passage for over 700 graduates and their families.  The focus should be solely on those graduates and their families.  We can only hope teachers will respect the importance and intended focus of that evening and grant us the 5 hours needed to celebrate the 117th commencement with the Class of 2012 and their families and friends. 


We also ask the community to permit us to focus on the graduates and their families that evening by not organizing any type of counter protest or picketing to add to the problem. 


Yes, we are asking for a 5-hour ‘cease fire’ from 3 – 8 PM on Wednesday, June 13.  Let’s make it happen.


       Does NHS need volunteers to help with Graduation and other activities?

Offers to help have been steadily coming in since Friday.  Thank you.  We are set for Graduation thanks to the help of the NHS SPIN Organization. If we need assistance for other activities, we’ll contact those who have volunteered.  Parent and community support of the NHS students and the NHS Administrative Team has been overwhelming.  We are truly blessed with an outstanding base of community support at NHS.


      What if I spend my summers away from home and have already made arrangements
      beginning June 16-29?

Have a parent call us at NHS (215-809-6100).  An administrator will return the call for the particulars of the situation.  In most cases, we’ll mark the absence as Excused and make arrangements for you to take your Final Exams before you leave for the summer.

      Is there a form to fill out and submit for the above situation or vacation approval?

No.  Please call us.

      If there is a strike, will school be extended upon June 29?


Does the release of this FAQ List mean there is definitely going to be another Teacher Strike again this school year?

No.  We are just contingency planning, attempting to communicate effectively in a timely manner, and quieting rumors and speculation about such plans in the event of work stoppage.


What if I have a question that wasn’t addressed here?

     Call us at 215-809-6100.  We will come up with an answer.