Neshaminy High School - Course Selection 2017-2018


Week of January 23rd:  NHS Administrators visit each Middle School to present an overview 
                                         of the
Course Selection Process to 8th grade students.
 Week of February 6th:  Overview of Course Selection Process Presentations to students in Grade 9th, 
                                             10th and 11th at NHS.
Thursday, February 16th:   Course Selection Parent and Student  Information Night at NHS
                                               See Course Selection Parent/Student Night for details.
 Week of February 20th:   High School Students will enter their Elective requests
                               On-Line during their English Class at NHS.
Week of February 26th:   Middle School Students will enter their Elective requests
                               On-Line during the school day. 
End of March:            Course Verification Letters sent to parents.