Emergency Information




        Emergency school closings and two-hour delayed openings will be announced, as close to 6:00 AM as possible, over radio station WBCB (1490 am). Our school emergency closing number is 752. Please listen to the Neshaminy Cable TV channel for announcements as well.  In the event of a two-hour delay, bus pickup and school starting time will be delayed two hours and the bell schedule will be adjusted accordingly. On days when weather conditions are bad or threaten to become hazardous, student drivers are advised to ride the school bus. Students who drive will not be dismissed prior to the close of school.




Please check NNTV or the NHS Website for information on School Closings/Delays/Cancelations



            In order to better assure the health, safety, and welfare of all students and staff, an extreme emergency public address announcement message is necessary.  If you (students and staff) hear "LOCK DOWN" over the public address system from the Main Office, you must immediately do the following:


           All students must be seated and remain in the classroom with their assigned teacher.

           The teacher must remain in the classroom with his/her assigned class and close the door.

           The teacher must immediately take roll and be prepared to report absences if called by the office.

           Quiet must be the rule in the classroom. Important announcements will be made over the public address system or by individual classroom telephone.

·         Non-assigned staff is asked to move all student hall traffic from the hallway to the nearest classroom or office.  Remain there until notified otherwise.

·         Students and staff in the cafeteria must be seated and moved from outside to inside.  Quiet is necessary.

·         Instructions will be forthcoming over the public address system or via staff with walkie-talkie communication.

·         Physical Education classes should stop under the teacher control.  Outside classes will be notified of Code   Blue by appropriate staff.

·         Code blue remains in effect until an administrative “all clear” is given over the public address systems.

·         Appropriate follow-up will be given to students and staff.




            Emergency Information Cards are kept on file in the grade-level office and in the office of the school nurse.  Cards will be distributed in homeroom during the first full week of school.  Parent/guardian work and cell phone numbers are very important for on-going communications.  Please notify the Attendance Office of any changes.



            Evacuation drills to the stadium are needed and practice once a year to ensure the safe and orderly, long-term (one hour or more) evacuation of all students and staff.  Everyone is assigned a predetermined destination – students by homeroom to stadium rows, and staff to monitoring locations.  Attendance is carefully checked.  Status reports and directions are announced over the public address systems.  At the all-clear signal, everyone returns to the building and continues the school day.  Fire drills are required a minimum of once a month.  Students under direct supervision will evacuate the building in an orderly fashion and report to their assigned areas.