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Student Drop off and Pick up Procedures

Ensuring your children’s safety is our top priority. As such, we ask that you please adhere to the following directions below for student pick up and drop off:

  • DO NOT park, drop off, or pick up students directly in the front of the school. This area is for buses only. We do not want students walking in between buses at any time.
  • Student Drop off and Pick up MUST occur in the auditorium parking lot. Follow the cones and arrows. Pull up as far up as possible to allow more cars to enter the parking lot. After dropping off, follow the arrows around. DO NOT turn around in the parking lot.
  • DO NOT stop on Harmony Road and drop off or pick up your child. This is very dangerous.
  • DO NOT drop off or pick up your child in the Schweitzer circle.
  • DO NOT drop children off before 7:20. If childcare is needed, please arrange or contact Neshaminy Kids Club. There is no one to supervise students prior to that time and we cannot be responsible for them.
  • Please be aware that the morning bell rings at 7:50 AM. Plan to arrive early enough to avoid your child being late to homeroom.