Ready Mathematics provides students differentiated instruction and supports their individual paths. Students gain experience through concrete examples and engaging lessons, both online and in the classroom.

    Unit 1 - Position, Length, Height, and Sorting

    Unit 2 - Numbers to 5, Shapes, and Weight

    Unit 3 - Addition and Subtraction Within 5, and Shapes

    Unit 4 - Numbers to 10, and Shapes

    Unit 5 - Numbers to 100

    Unit 6 - Addition and Subtraction Within 10

    Unit 7 - Teen Numbers, and Shapes

    Ready Mathematics also features iReady, an online component where students follow their unique My Path, which is tailored to their individual level. Students will spend approximately 15 minutes each day following My Path and completing Learning Games.

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    In addition to Ready Mathematics, we also use Number Corner, an interactive calendar program. 

    Number Corner is a skill-building program that revolves around the classroom calendar, providing daily practice as well as continual encounters with broader mathematical concepts in 15–20 minutes of engaging instruction. I have found this program to be a wonderful addition to our daily Math routine!