A Safe, Joyful, and Challenging Learning Community”

  • Hoover Hawks Fly with P.R.I.D.E

    Work with a purpose ♥ Be respectful ♥ Include others ♥ Demonstrate determination ♥ Show empathy

    My role as the Coordinator of Student Affairs is to support the students and staff in cultivating a climate for each of our students to thrive. The SWPBIS program allows our learning community to share a common language that promotes shared expectations. School staff teach behavioral definitions and expectations to all students. Behavioral expectations are applied to all students in all settings. Positive reinforcement is used to celebrate students who demonstrate respectful, responsible, and safe behavior. We work to instill these traits in our students as part of creating a safe and joyful learning environment for all of our students to learn and grow.

    Hawk PRIDE Stickers

    Each day, 5 students who are being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe by demonstrating one of the Hawk PRIDE behaviors will receive a PRIDE sticker to wear throughout the day and take them home to show their families. Recipients will also:

    • Get a small prize from the cart

    • Sign the celebrity book 

    • Pull out a number for the Hoover Hawk PRIDE Board

    Hoover Hawk PRIDE Board

    The Hoover Hawk PRIDE Board is filled with students' names who have received Hawk PRIDE stickers. When an entire row or column is filled, a special announcement is made for the whole school. 

    • Students will be rewarded with a Mystery Motivator that everyone in the column/row will experience.


    We encourage families to acknowledge P.R.I.D.E behaviors at home as well!