• Physicals – Required for Kindergarten, 6th and 9th grades as well as students new to the district. 
    • Dentals – Required for Kindergarten, 3rd and 7th grades as well as students new to the district.
    • Height and Weight – All grades, annually
    • Vision Screening:
      • Far: all students annually
      • Near: all students annually
      • Convex Lens Test: 1st grade and previously untested
      • Color Vision Test: 1st and 2nd grades and previously untested
      • Stereo Depth Perception Test:  1st and 2nd grades and previously untested  
    • Hearing Screening – K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th &11th grades 
    • Scoliosis Screening – 6th & 7th grades
    • Body Mass Index [BMI] and BMI Percentile- grades Kindergarten through 12th , annually

    Parents, please note:

    • All screening exams may be rated as pass or fail.   
    • Failure means that the results are outside the expected range but are not a diagnosis of ill health.   
    • Parents will be notified of all failures with regard to health screenings. It is recommended that your child be examined by an appropriate health care provider.