• Into Reading (Pilot Program)

      Into Reading includes appropriately rigorous, high quality texts that are the focus of students' reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language practice. Students are provided opportunities to develop these skills over the course of the school year.  The texts are organized to support content knowledge building and increase academic vocabulary, and include implementation supports to assure students meet grade level goals.

      - whole and small group instruction
      - read alouds, shared, partner, choral, and silent reading 
      - fluency, vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness segmentation
      - iReady "My Path" to meet the needs of each individual student


    “Ready Math”

    - Growth Mindset Activities to promote critical thinking skills​
    - Independent Learning Activities to build perserverance​
    - Mini Lessons for reteaching and enrichment using different tools for support​
    -"My Path"  individualized online learning to meet the needs of each child

    These are the concepts your child will be learning in math this year:

    Building Number Sense
    Numbers to 120
    Addition with Three Addends
    Place Value
    2D & 3D Shapes
    Nonstandard Measurement
    Standard Measurement
    Telling Time
    Data & Graping


    Social Studies Alive!

    My School and Family​

    Additional Resources and Activities:
    Scholastic News​
    Social Studies Weekly​
    Virtual Field Trips​



    • FOSS Science
      - Solids and Liquids
      - Air and Weather
      - Catching The Wind: Designing Windmills