Fourth Grade Supply List 2020-2021

    1 ½ - 2 inch with pockets on the inside (3 ring binder)

    1 pack of dividers with pockets 

    3 containers of Lysol wipes

    Colored pencils

    12 pencils and supply at home to replenish at school

    1 pencil case that have 3 holes to put in binder

    2 plastic folders with pockets that are three hole punched so they are able to be put into the binder

    1 notebook either marble composition or spiral book 

    2 highlighters either yellow or pink (NO GREEN OR BLUE) 

    1 black Sharpie Marker 

    2 large boxes of tissues to share with the class 

    4 Expo dry erase markers with eraser or a sock in a zip lock bag to keep in desk 

    Set of earbuds in a zip-lock bag with your name on it (preferred not to have headphones due to space) 

    Colorful Post-It-Notes 

    Scissors-not large ones but that can fit into pencil case 

    Glue sticks (Large size-1-3 of them and supply at home to replenish at school) 

    3 tennis balls (please cut in an x to fit on desk chairs and desks) 

    A bottle of hand sanitizer to share with the class 

    A “Read to Self” chapter book at all times!


    Here is what your child should ALREADY know and have MASTERED in math by the time he/she enters 4th grade:

    All basic addition and subtraction facts 

    All multiplication facts through 12

    (Memorization of basic facts continues to be essential. However, student knowledge must include a shift toward mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Students demonstrate competence in connecting math to the real world. Valuable instructional time in school is spent on these higher-level concepts.) 

    Tell time on an analog (not digital) clock to the minute 

    Read and use a standard 12” ruler to fourths 

    Add and subtract with regrouping


    Looking forward to a GREAT year!

    The Fourth Grade Team