Tips for Kindergarten
  •                                             TIPS FOR KINDERGARTEN!!!!

    Here are a few ideas to help your child have a successful Kindergarten year. 


    Your child's student ID number is used for many things.  Along with logging on for Canvas or other apps, it is also a number used when doing things like ordering lunch.  This number will be with your child as long as they are with the district.  It would be a good idea to practice learning the number with your child.  


    It wouldn't hurt to have extra supplies at home for homework assignments.  An extra pencil box with sharpened pencils, scissors, glue stick, and crayons makes homework assignments much easier to complete!



    Before school starts, have your child practice using their independence to complete things.  The most important things for your child to do independently are using the bathroom, eating lunch, zippering jackets and tying shoes.  

    * Your child should be able to use the bathroom and clean up after themselves independently.  (This includes closing the door, using an appropriate amount of toilet paper, and washing hands.  Please also review the best ways to clean up themselves if they end up with a little on their hands--washing hands not wiping on walls.)

    * Your child will have 30 minutes to open, eat, and clean up their lunches.  Though there is someone available to help, your child may have to wait.  This uses precious time!  If they're able to open containers and drinks on their own, they won't need to wait.  Please also discuss closing lunch items correctly so they do not spill within the lunchbag or backpack.  This is expecially important with drinks!  

    * Zippering jackets and tying shoes can be a struggle sometimes.  Don't worry, I'm there to help! But, if your child can put on and zipper their jacket and tie their shoes independently, it is very helpful.