• Students in grades K-2 are using Superkids as the core reading program. Superkids is a comprehensive English language arts curriculum crafted for grades K–2 using evidence-based literacy practices. This proven-effective program follows a unique systematic and explicit instructional path through engaging, increasingly complex text. 

                          Meet the Superkids



    Build Success

    Build success by implementing our proven-effective strategies and partnering with our dedicated literacy team.

    Primary students must be taught to read—and how they’re taught matters. Superkids puts research into practice to explicitly and systematically develop the parts of the brain that are used for efficient and effective reading. Efficacy research proves that this approach works.


    Inspire Students

    Inspire students through joyful, successful reading experiences with engaging texts and relatable characters who grow and learn by your students’ side.

    The Superkids are a lively cast of 14 relatable characters, whose adventures and activities will keep your students motivated and engaged throughout the program. Meet the Superkids.


    Extend Learning

    Extend learning from the start of grade K with a solid skills foundation that builds confidence and accelerates growth.

    The program’s carefully designed, systematic and explicit literacy instruction builds the foundation for efficient, fluent reading; effective comprehension; and rigorous reading expectations for grade 3 and beyond.