• ELA vocabulary  (bold words have been retaught in the 2023-2024 school year)

    Fluency – how fast you read

    Comprehension – understanding what you read

    Punctuation – marks to separate sentences ex. . ? !  ,

    singular - just one

    Plural - more than one 

    genre of literature - type of book (ie fiction, nonfiction)

     noun - a person, place, or thing

    verb - an action word

    setting - where and when the story takes place

    pronoun - a word that takes the place of a noun  ie. he, she, us, we , they

    Prefix  - a word part added to the front of a base word   ex.  preheat        reheat

    Conjunction - A linking word like and, but, or

     Suffix  - a word part added to the end of a base word

    1. Cats, fearful, cuteness

    Math Vocabulary

    Place value -  What a digit is worth based on its placement


    Digit - a number from 0 to 9

    sum - the answer when you add

    difference - the answer when you subtract

    factors - the numbers you multiply

    product - the answer when you multiply

    multiplication - a type of repeated addition of equal groups