(1) 2"Binder (NO Trapper Keepers or built in pencil case)

    (1) 1" Binder (same as above)

    (2) 8 count tab subject dividers (plastic preferred)

    (2) pocket folders (hole punched)

    (1) marble composition book (hard coveR)

    (2) Spiral bound notebooks (holes punched)

    (1) pair of scissors

    (1) small pencil sharpener with cover

    (1) soft supply case with zipper (no larger than 6x8)

    (1) jumbo book sock

    (1) box of tissues

    (1) bottle of hand sanitizer (girls) -o- clorox wipes (boys)

    (1) art smock (old clean oversized T-shirt labeled with students name)

    (1) pair of headphones (for Chromebook)

    *OPTIONAL wireless computer mouse (for Chromeboook)


    These items should be purchased and refilled all year as needed:


    ~pack of 4 multi-colored highlighter

    ~dry eraser markers

    ~choice of: markers, crayons -or- colored pencils

    ~glue sticks