4th Grade Chorus

  • ***NEW*** The spring concert date I gave everyone was wrong. The Spring Concert will be on Monday, May 6 at Neshaminy High School.

    -4th grade chorus provides additional vocal training for the students in a larger ensemble. The chorus rehearses 30 minutes once a week during recess every Day 3. The students will perform on the following dates and times:

         *Wednesday December 13, 2023-7pm Holiday Concert at Tawanka Elementary School for parents and friends.

         *Wednesday May 6, 2024-7pm Spring Concert at Neshaminy High School for parents and friends.

    ***Everyone should wear concert attire for the above-mentioned programs and concerts: Nice white shirt, nice black pants or skirts, nice black shoes and socks.

    Here is the Word Sheet for the Spring Concert if you want to start memorizing the words.

    Script for the Spring Concert


    or Africa

    Seize the Day

    or Seize the Day

    Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho

    Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho Video