• This year in social studies we will be using our Social Studies Alive! program! This program teaches students about the world around them in ways that make them excited to learn every day.
    In first grade our focus is My School and Family which introduces the structures of schools and families. Students will learn how to get along with classmates, follow school rules, and identify people who work at a school. 
    This year we will learn about: 
    • How Do We Get Along in School?
    • Why Is It Important to Learn from Each Other?
    • Why Do Schools Have Rules? 
    • Who Helps Us at School?
    • How Are We Good Helpers at School? 
    • What Is a Map? 
    • What Was School Like Long Ago? 
    • What Groups Do We Belong To? 
    • How Are Families Special? 
    • What Do Families Need and Want? 
    • How Do Family Members Care for Each Other? 
    • How Do Families Change? 
    • What Are Family Traditions? 
    • What Do Good Neighbors Do?