• In Science this year students will:

    Explore Solids and Liquids - The Foss kit is designed to provide experiences that heighten students' awareness of the physcial world.  The studnets will have introductory experiences with two states of matter: solids and liquids.


    Explore Air and Weather - The Foss kit consists of four sequential investigations provide oppourtunies for young students to explore the natural world by using simple tools to observe and montior change.


    The content topics in grade 1 include:

    • Exploration of weather factors and their measurement.
    • Develop students' abilities to do and understand science inquiry.
    • Develop students' understanding of properties of earth materials, objects in the sky, and changes in the sky.
    • Develop students' understaning about science and technology.
    • Develop students' abilites to make personal health decisions.