Kindergarten Supply List

  • Kindergarten Supply List

    ● School bag large enough to hold 9x12 folder, labeled with child’s name

    ● 1 supply box with lid, labeled with child’s name

    ● 1 sturdy homework folder (2 pocket), labeled with child’s name

    ● 1 hard-back marble composition book, labeled with child’s name

    ● 10 sharpened yellow pencils

    ● 2 boxes of crayons (8 or 24 count only), labeled with child’s name

    ● 8 EXPO thin point dry erase markers (preferably black only)

    ● Children’s scissors, labeled with child’s name

    ● 12 fat glue sticks

    ● 1 regular size bottle of hand sanitizer

    ● 1 box of tissues

    ● 1 container of disinfecting wipes*

    ● 1 container of hand wipes*

    ● 1 box of 8 fat washable markers to be shared

    ● 1 set of over-the-ear headphones for use with iPads (PLEASE no earbuds), labeled with child’s name. Please have them in a large baggie.

    Sony headphones are highly recommended, cost about $15 but will last!

    Your child will need to replenish some of these supplies later in the year. Dry erase markers and glue sticks tend to get used up quickly. Try to take advantage of back-to-school sales.☺


    B2 Classroom Wishlist

    sandwich and storage sized ziploc baggies

    playdoh, any color

    pop fidget toys




    Thank you,

    Mrs. Arnold