• Homework

    Homework is an important and necessary part of speech and language therapy. It helps to remind students of the skills they are working on in therapy, and it gives them the opportunity to practice those skills in their everyday environment - and that's where they'll ultimately be using them the most!

    Your child will usually be given speech and language homework once a week, and the assignment is due on the date at the top of the page. Please sign each assignment so that I know you've reviewed the homework with your child. And if you have a question or comment, just jot me a note right on the paper!

    Homework sheets will be placed and kept in your child's speech and language folder, so it is very important that your child brings the folder to every speech and language session. I think it's a good idea to keep folders in schoolbags so that it goes home for practicing and is in school on Speech Day. Desks are not good places to put folders, as they can easily get lost and buried there. Please do not throw old assignments away - they can be a great review later on in the year!

    We all know that practice makes perfect! Therefore, it is important to practice the skills in the homework assignment as often as possible. Even five minutes a day of review can make all the difference in the world!