Download and Install Formatta Filler
    In order to use the Registration Form, you must install Formatta Filler software on your computer. Formatta Filler is a FREE Plug-in, much like Adobe® Reader.
    Formatta Filler version 7 is designed with the following system requirements:
    • Operating System:
      Microsoft Windows
    • Browser:
      Internet Explorer 6.x is recommended for optimal functionality, but other browsers such as Firefox will also work.
    Formatta Forms use high level encryption and security technologies preventing anyone except the submitting person and the recipient to view/open the form. Formatta Filler forms can also be printed if you choose not to submit them online ( For more information on Formatta Forms please visit the Formatta Web site  ).
    • Read thoroughly and follow all instructions before accessing the online form.
    • You may wish to print these instructions before accessing the form.

    Formatta Filler Download

    1. Click on the link that corresponds to your computer's operating system to download the file from the Formatta web site.

      Registration of the Filler is NOT REQUIRED. This window can be closed after the Filler is installed.

      MS Windows

    2. Select "RUN" when prompted to download the file and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

    3. If using a business/corporate PC, you may need to have access rights to install the Filler software.
      • If you do not have the right to install software on your PC, click "Save" instead of "RUN" to save the file to a familiar location on your computer, and then contact your IT support to install Formatta Filler.

    4. After installation, Formatta Filler will launch the Formatta registration screen. Registration is not required but will provide additional support from the software provider.

      You may simply choose to close the window at this point.

    5. You will now be able to open, complete, and submit Neshaminy's online forms.

    Forms Currently Available

    Registration Form    --   Please note that when registering multiple children you will need to complete an appliction for each chld.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact Todd Perry at tperry@neshaminy.org.