• Bus Change Request  

    The following is the procedure that will be followed if a parent is requesting a bus change for their child(ren):
    • Parent makes a written request and submits it to the building principal.
    • The principal acknowleges receipt (through the school secretaries), and forwards the request to the Transportation Department.
    • The Transportation Department reviews the request, seating availability, and the address of the requestor.  The Transportation Department maintains a roster of the changes.
    • The Transportation Department notifies the requestor of the approval or disapproval of the parent request.  The home school principal receives a copy of the Transportation Department's decision.
    • The bus change is implemented.
    • The homeroom teacher is notified of the bus change.
    • The student is given a copy of the bus change approval to give to the bus driver.

    Please note:  This procedure must be done annually.  "Approvals" do not carry over from year to year.