• Here is are some links you may find interesting:
    Superkids Reading website: All emails that were given to me at Back to School Night have been entered.  Now you will get an email from Rowland Reading to set up a password for your account.
    Math in Focus website: Usernames were given in the Back to School Night Folders.  Typically, their username is first initial, last name (Ex. kbettelli).  If that doesn't work, try their full first and last name.  Password: mathisfun
    IXL Math website:  Your child's username typically is their first initial, last name@neshaminy.  Their password is their first name.  This is a great site to practice math facts fluency as well as other fun math concepts. 
    RAZ Kids: This is a fabulous website that allows your child to read books at his/her "Good Fit" book level.  After every book your child reads, they can take a quiz and they will earn 'stars' that are like money.  They can use their stars to buy items to decorate their Rocket Room!!
    This site will help you become familiar with the most important components to a successful reader.  We will be doing a lot of Word Work in these areas this year!