•  Mrs. Vacca

    Learning Support





    In 1992, I graduated from Cabrini College with a degree in Psychology knowing I would work with people & have to go on for more education to further my career.  Shortly after graduation, I began working for Woods Services (back then called The Woods Schools) in many different capacities servicing children and young adults with special needs.  During my early work experience, I began graduate school to study education.  In May 1998, I graduated from formerly named Beaver College with a Masters Degree in Education and certification in Special Education.  During my teaching career, I have also taken course work required for a highly qualified status in Middle School Special Education Math, earned 30 plus graduate credits through University of Pennsylvania's Literacy program and attended countless professional development courses including AVID to improve and grow in my field of expertise.      


    In September of 1998, I married my husband, Mike, a Langhorne native and moved to Bucks County.  While working at Woods Services for seven years and earning my Masters degree, I finally began my teaching in a classroom.  While at Woods, I taught Autistic Support & Life Skills Support with high school aged students.  Later, I moved into the public school system and worked in the high school of another school district as a Life Skills support teacher for 3 years until my son, Dominic, was born in September of 2002.  Three years later in November, my daughter Julia arrived completing our family.


    During the early years of raising my children, I continued working part time in a various positions including tutoring, and teaching Math, English and Science a few hours each day a few days at a rehabilitation center for teens.  In October of 2006, I secured another teaching contract here at Neshaminy School District working with elementary aged students.  I have found my work supporting elementary aged kids with IEPs for the past fifteen years extremely rewarding.  I am committed to their progress and growth in all academic and social skills. I am also very excited to continue my career as a full time teacher in this new state of the art school at Tawanka Elementary my own neighborhood school.