• Math:

    • Homework will be 10 questions or less

    • I will circle the questions to complete

    • Please write on your child’s homework if they struggled with the assignment

    • Only do my homework- not their homeroom teachers 



    • Vocabulary homework will consist of completing a worksheet on 1 vocabulary word. Students are to study their vocabulary words for a test on Fridays.

    • Spelling Homework will consist of a choice board where students pick 4 activities and write all their spelling words on a piece of paper or in a notebook. The spelling homework will be given on Mondays and will be due on Fridays. 

    • Only do my homework- not their homeroom teachers

    • Please check my classroom website for the weekly spelling lists:

    Mrs. Robinson's Classroom Website



    Students participate in Homeworkopoly on Fridays if they complete their weekly homework. Homeworkopoly is a way to motivate them to do their homework. Students can win prizes and rewards as they play the game. homework


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