Social Studies Alive!

    My School and Family 

    Chapter 1: How Do We Get Along in School?
    Chapter 2: Why is it Important to Learn from Each Other?
    Chapter 3: Why Do Schools Have Rules?
    Chapter 4: Who Helps Us at School? 
    Chapter 5: How Are We Good Helpers at School?
    Chapter 6: What is a Map?
    Chapter 7: What Was School Like Long Ago? 
    Chapter 8: What Groups Do We Belong To?
    Chapter 9: How Are Families Special?
    Chapter 10: What Do Families Need and Want?
    Chapter 11: How Do Family Members Care For Each Other?
    Chapter 12: How Do Families Change?
    Chapter 13: What Are Family Traditions?
    Chapter 14: What Do Good Neighbors Do?