Second Grade’s Supply List

    We will be collecting supplies for the entire year at the beginning of school.  This will make it a lot easier for your child to replenish throughout the year.


    Please put some of the supplies in their supplies case, the rest in a gallon size Ziploc labeled with their name.

    -12 sharpened #2 pencils (4 in pencil case, 8 in Ziploc)

    - Extra erasers (1 in pencil case, extras in Ziploc)

    - Scissors (in pencil case)

    - 2 boxes of 16 or 24 count Crayons (1 in pencil case, 1 in Ziploc)

    - 6 Glue sticks (1 in pencil case, 5 in Ziploc)

     - 6 thin dry erase markers, no neon colors (2 in pencil case, 4 in Ziploc)

    - Pencil box/case or zippered pouch



    Following items will be kept in their desk:

    - headphones (labeled with their name Ziploc bag with their name)

    - 1 Hard covered marble composition notebook

    - 2 Pocket folder with prongs/rings for homework (plastic type lasts longer)


    Following items will shared with the classroom:

    - 2 Boxes of tissues to share with class

    - 1 Container of disinfecting wipes to share with class

    - Art smock labeled with their name, old-large t-shirt work