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    I'm excited to start a new school year.  This fall our students are involved in the recess safety and activities unit.  The purpose of the unit is to teach safety on the recess equipment and sharing equipment.  The activity lessons are teaching our students the many different things that can be done at recess.
    Remember to keep jewelry home for safety reasons.  Also, remember to wear clothing suitable for Physical Education along with sneakers that are comfortable and fit the foot.
    0Our Third and Fourth Grades will review the activities for recess and recess expectations.  Later in the month our classes will be introduced to the biking unit.  In the biking unit safe riding skilles will be taught.  Fitting a helmet, fitting a bike, checking a bike, basic riding, riding with hand signals and road signs will be taught.
    Kindergarten through second grades will move to movement themes such as hopping, skipping, etc.  The basic skills are the building blocks of activities that they will participate in throughout the year.  Play is an important learning experience for children.  Remember to get outside and MOVE!!