• Parent/Teacher Communication


    There are many ways we keep the lines of communication open. 
    W.I.L.T. (What I Learned Today) is designed as an organizational and communication tool.  Students copy the date, their homework and a sentence, and you read and sign it each night.  Short notes may be written in the W.I.L.T. book.  However, longer notes, notes that must be shared with another staff member, and absent notes must be written on a separate piece of paper.  (Absent notes must be sent in within 10 days of your child’s absent or they will be recorded as unexcused.)

    Students will use a two-pocket folder to carry their W.I.L.T. and other important papers home.  Please be sure to empty the folder and check its contents each night.


    Email is a tool preferred by many parents.  I typically check my email first thing in the morning, mid-day (lunch), and at the end of the day.  If you have an important message  to get to me (i.e. a change in transportation for your child) and are concerned I may not receive your email in time, please call the office directly, and they will get your message to me.
    Homework is designed to be provide practice and not a time for frustration.  I will be sure to reteach and/or review as needed, so it is important for you to communicate with me regarding any difficulties with homework. 

    Phone calls and notes home are another way we can keep the line of communication open.  I do this for positive reasons as well as concerns that I may have.  At the beginning of the year, you will be asked to share some information in order to prepare a Class Directory.  This is not only a way for you to contact me, but a way to contact other classmates for playdates and homework questions.


    Conferences are held in the fall and upon request.  At Back-To-School Night, you will have the opportunity to let me know your preferences for the conferences.  Please phone or write a note to schedule a conference at any other time during the school year.  I am unable to talk about your child in the morning when they arrive, as it is very hectic.  So please schedule conferences ahead of time.