Maple Point

Middle School

We Build Futures

 Office Staff
Rose Brewer Secretary, Counselors Email 215-809-7234
Diane Hewitt Secretary, Counselors Email 215-809-7235

Student Support Staff
Peggy Gale Counselor: E - La Email  Website 215-809-7234
Rosemary Horsley Counselor: Q-Z Email  Website 215-809-7234
David Martys Counselor: Le-P Email  Website 215-809-7234
Christie Rawson-Kealey Counselor A-D Email  Website 215-809-7234
 If you wish to contact your child's counselor, please call the Counseling Center and one of the numbers above.  We will be happy to assist yoiu with any questions or concerns about your child or the school program.