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SWPBS program at Miller


The Walter Miller’s School Wide Positive Behavior Support System along with the student council are displaying "Peace Pledges" around the "3 to Be" bulletin board in the main hallway. This started with each class choosing an inspirational quote. Next, they discussed how the quote inspired them and how they can make a change or show PEACE in our school and community. Last, the students signed a scroll pledge to go along with their class quote.

Parents, please encourage your child to wear their Miller "3 to Be" spirit t-shirt every Friday to school! There have been many weekly “3 To Be” winners chosen. These students are selected at the end of each week and are able to choose his/her reward. Some reward examples include: “Slam Dunk”, “Lunch Bunch”, a “School Store Coupon”, “Kindergarten Story Time”, Morning Announcements, etc...

Our School Wide Positive Behavior Support Team has been working extremely hard to establish a positive, respectful, and safe environment in our school. The team consists of Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Finley, Mrs. Bettelli, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Ritchie, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Callahan, Miss Story, and Mrs. Jensen. We are currently in the process of applying for a school wide banner to reward our efforts. We are asking all students and staff to wear their Miller “3 to Be” t-shirts on Thursday, March 16th to show our school spirit and Miller pride!


SWPBS team