• Before using library iPads, your child will learn the rules below and agree to follow them by signing a contract during his or her class.

    Rules for District iPad Use for Students

    1. You are responsible for the iPad that is given to you.  Use only your assigned iPad.  Do not share or trade your iPad with anyone else unless directed to do so by your teacher.
    2. Do not change, add or delete any settings on the iPad.
    3. Do not add, remove, or change ANY content including Apps or make any reminders or notes on the iPad.  This includes personal logon information.  Please do not sign on to iTunes or the App Store by using your personal account.
    4. No food or drinks if an iPad is at your table or work space.
    5. Let your teacher know immediately if there is a problem with your iPad.
    6. Do not take pictures unless directed to do so by your teacher.  The camera may be used only when directed to do so by a teacher.  If you do use the camera, please delete your pictures and videos before returning the iPad.
    7. Wipe off the iPad when you are finished using it.  Please return the iPad with a clean screen.  There are cleaning materials for you to use.
    8. When returning the iPad to the cart, please check that you use the matching slot (they are numbered) and carefully connect the iPad to the charging cable.

    Not following these rules will involve consequences as stated in the school’s Student Discipline Code.