• Important Library Information
    • In grades K-2 students will be able to select one library book per session.
    • Books are due in the library during the students next library class. Only students that return their books will be able to select a new book.
    • Students in grades 3-4 will be able to select two books every other week.
    • Their library books will be due the second session after they were selected.
    •  Please help your students to find a safe place to keep their library books away from food, beverages, younger siblings and pets. Also keep in mind that leaky water bottles in backpacks can cause damage, encourage your student to store water bottles in the outside pockets of their backpacks.
    iPads and Chromebooks
    • We will continue to use iPads and Chromebooks as a major part of our curriculum in library this year. Headphones have been purchased for students to use in the library with the iPads and Chromebooks.