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    Lunch Money:
    Money can be deposited ahead of time into your child's account.  If you're sending money with you child daily please be sure to send it in an envelope with the full name so that we can send it down in the morning, this way we do not tie up the lunch line.  Menu's options are discussed daily with students but can also be found here.

    Birthdays are very special occasions for children. Your child may bring in a special snack or treat to share with the class. Please send in a written note or e-mail to me a day or two in advance, so I can give you an exact number of children in the class and set aside some class time for the birthday celebration.  

    Students should bring one small snack every day (even when they're buying lunch). When packing this snack please keep in mind that our snack time is only 10 minutes. Please try and limit snacks to dry foods that do not require utensils (such as: grapes, carrots, goldfish, crackers).  These snacks are easier for students to eat in this short period of time and can be eaten while working if needed.  A good idea is to set up a "snack" tupperware in your students lunchbox.  This way students know that the green lid is always their snack and should not be eaten during lunch.  Please remember to send "brain fueling" snacks, candy is not acceptable.
    Book Orders:
    Book orders are a wonderful way not only to encourage reading at home, but also at school! With every book order placed our classroom earns bonus points which allow us to get FREE books! See the 'book orders' page for more information. Happy reading!
    It is extremely important that the school and I are aware how your child is getting home each day.  If there is a change in your dismissal plan, the school must be notified in writing.  If no note is received normal dismissal plans will be followed.