District Updates


Kindergarten registration: Parents of children who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2016 can register now for kindergarten at our Central Registration site. Note that this procedure is different than in past years - please consult the site for details.


Dear Families,
Welcome back!  Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School is destined for amazing things in 2015-2016.  The gifts and talents of our students combined with the dedication and passion of our teachers allows us to strive for excellence.  Excellence is not the result of a good intention or cleaver slogan.  It is not a value that is easily achieved.  It comes from a strong desire to improve how we do things when we see something we can do better.  We continue to work hard to ensure that Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School will be recognized as a school that sets their students and teachers up for success.  As we strive for excellence, we will move from Good to GREAT.
Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School is a great place to be.  I believe that  strong community-school relationships are essential to high academic achievement.  Find any successful school and you will also find parents and community members that are involved and supportive of the school.  This community recognizes the value of educational and extra-curricular activities.  Therefore, our school expects our students to excel both inside and outside of the classroom.  I hope you are proud of our students as they reflect these expectations through their character and commitment.  Your support is greatly appreciated and remember - IT'S GREAT TO BE A PANTHER!
Judy Brown, Proud Principal 



Busing and homeroom assignment information for returning students will be posted for the 2015-2016 school year on Monday, August 24, 2015.  Slight adjustments continue to be made; therefore, please verify your bus and stop information prior to the start of school.

Please be reminded that students should be at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time.

Thank you in advance for your patience during the first two weeks of school, where buses may be late to stops due to heavier traffic and delays with loading and unloading students. 

Please click here to view bus route information or to locate the school your student is eligible to attend.



Video Feature: Kindergarten STEM activity at Ferderbar
  Students in Mrs. Frisch's kindergarten class participate in a weekly STEM activity designed to spark their interest in science and technology as well as build problem-solving and teamwork skills.