The guidance program is designed to work along with parents and teachers to help all students reach their intellectual, social and emotional potential. Our counselors are available to help any student or parent seeking assistance. If you wish to contact your child’s counselor, please call the guidance office at 215-809-6215. We will be happy to assist you. We’re here to help!

     Grade 5
 Mrs. Carrie Lenahan
       Grade 6       
   Mr. Grant Passman
   Grade 7
Mrs. Tammy Abrohms
Grade 8 
                        Mr. Grant Passman          A - G
                        Mrs. Carrie Lenahan        G - Mc
                        Mrs. Tammy Abrohms     Me - Z
               Mrs. Carrie Lenahan 
Mr. Grant Passman 
 Mrs. Tamara Abrohms
215-809-6215 Guidance
                                                                215-809-6753       FAX
Last Modified on September 1, 2015