4th Grade Classroom Supplies - 2015-2016

Unless indicated otherwise, all supplies listed below apply to all 4th grade homerooms. If a teacher's name is listed after an item, only students in that teacher's homeroom need to provide that item.


       blue folder with pockets labeled Music

           yellow folder with pockets and prongs labeled Math

      folder with pockets, labeled Take Home / Return


            1 ½  inch binder labeled Science & Social Studies

            2 inch binder labeled Language Arts

Pencil Case Items

            pencil case that will fit in desk               scissors

            12   #2 sharpened pencils                      pencil sharpener

            eraser                                                    2 black Sharpie markers

         2 highlighters (light colors)                    1 box of 8 crayons

         1 box of 12 colored pencils                 post-it notes; 1x1  &  3x3

Book socks, 3 jumbo

Dividers, 10, labeled:

            Grammar, Reading, Writing Reference, Writing, Word Work, Science, and Social Studies          

Spiral notebook, 1 yellow, marked Math

Marble notebooks, 2 Labeled:  Reader’s Response Journal and Writer’s Notebook

Loose-leaf paper; 3 small packs

Thumb drive

1 box of tissues

Girls: disinfectant wipes

Boys: hand sanitizer

Art Smock

And finally…..arrive with a good chapter book!!!!

As the year flies along, some supplies may need to be replenished. 


Updated 7/14






Last Modified on July 2, 2015