Welcome to Dr. Potter's Art Site
      We are getting ready to create some amazing works of art this year. 
    Important things to know:
    Your child will be using messy materials in my room. Please send in an old t-shirt to protect their clothes!
    K-4 artwork will be displayed throughout the school year and returned to students after our art show in early spring. Pieces that are not in the show will be sent home with the students as they are completed.
    K-4th the school year starts with projects exploring Line, Shape, and Pattern. Students will then transfer this knowledge to activities exploring Texture, Form, Composition, Space, and Color.
    The year includes exploratons of the artistic process, problem-solving, presentations, understanding and conveying visual literacy, and connecting learning between all subject areas and to the world. These will be explored using a variety of art materials and techniques.
    6th grade students will participate in activities and projects that will explore the creative process and push their understanding of our creative connection to the community from a local to global context. In six grade, you will boost your critical thinking habits, improve your collaborative participation, and develop your communication skills through art.
    Check out our STUDENT ART GALLERY throughout the year to see some of the fantastic
    creations that our young artists
    are working on; they are amazing!
     Please always know that you can contact me any time
    with questions, concerns, or motivating ideas.
    Artfully Yours, Dr. Potter