Dates To Remember:  


March 5th                      PTO Meeting

March 7th                      Basket Bingo

March 11th                    School Store

March 25th                    School Store

March 28th                    Talent Show


April 4th                       Candle Fundraiser

April 7th                       PTO Meeting 7:00 pm in library

April 8th                       School Store

April 22nd                     School Store

April 25th                      Field Day Shirt Sale


 May 5th                        PTO Meeting 7:00pm in library

May 6th                        Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

May 6th                        School Store

May 6th                        Candle Delivery

May 9th                        Mother’s Day Flower Sale

May 20th                       School Store


June 3rd                      School Store

June 18th                     Fifth grade Move-Up Day( date subject to change)

Last Modified on March 11, 2014