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NHS at Free Enterprise Week

During the summer of 2019, twenty Business, Computer and Information Technology students will attend the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) Program. PFEW is a unique educational experience designed for high school sophomores and juniors to learn about career opportunities while taking an active role in operating a simulated business. PFEW is open to students from all across Pennsylvania and offers a college campus experience for one week at Lycoming College and Penn College.

The student operated businesses are judged in the areas of management, return on new assets, a marketing and advertising campaign and a stockholders’ presentation.

Each student received a scholarship valued at $1,500 through the PFEW organization. The Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce takes a very active role in supporting PFEW. The winners include: Nicole Berman, Kristina Carsley, Thomas DeMarco, Joseph DeMatteo, Daniel Gutman, Madison Heintz, Laurel Jung, Jared Keyes, Connor Kitzmiller, Kyle Miles, Jacqueline Regensburger, Nick Ropars, Regina Schroeder, Matthew Schwab, Victor Sloan, Isaiah Taylor, Jack Toy, Jordan Turner, Samuel Usherenko and Julie Whitaker. 


Link: BCIT blog